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I’d love to be an artist.  To be able to take a brush to canvas and create something is a gift, just not a gift I have.  I have to suffice with hosting an art show and I’m thrilled to be doing just that.

My Kids’ Cookies Shop is holding our first art show featuring the work of Shari Walker Hutchinson. And nothing pairs so well with art as red wine which we’ll be pouring compliments of Victor Alexander Winery.  Of course, you can’t have a glass of red wine unless you also indulge in a bite of a brownie or shortbread.  So, we’ll have that too.

We encourage guests to bring a few canned food items to help Bainbridge Island’s local social services agency Helpline House.

When: Thursday, July 16th, from 6:00 to 8:00 pmWhere: My Kids’ Cookies Shop
9723 Coppertop Loop, #202
Sportsman Park (across from Sakai)
Bainbridge Island

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My Kids’ Cookies is hosting a party on May 12 to support Helpline House – a local agency that offers an umbrella of social services to Bainbridge Island residents.

We’re offering free wine (compliments of Victor Alexander Winery) and cookies (compliments of us).  A wonderful local jeweler, Blue Heron Jewelry, will be on hand to buy your old gold jewelry.  They’ll weigh and value your old gold and gems and write you a check that night.  And we’re hoping that those attending the event will donate a portion of their ‘gold windfall’ to Helpline House.

So, the next time you’re putting on some jewelry, glance in your jewelry box and see what old pieces you no longer wear, or stray earrings you only have one of.  And think of hosting your own ‘Sell Your Gold and Support Your Local Charity’ party.  Everyone comes out a winner.

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