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Kids birthdays are milestones in a Mom’s eye.  Turning 1, big party, everyone’s invited.  The guest of honor has no clue what’s going on.  But Mom is happy, exhausted from cleaning the house for the party and cooking up a storm, and glad to be surrounded by family and friends.

A few years later, the party is now at Chuck E. Cheese where youngsters run around and get crazy climbing and playing.  Pizza is served, candles are blown out, cake is passed to everyone.  The guest of honor definitely knows what’s going on as she happily rips open gifts.  Mom is happy, exhausted from watching all the party goers whose parents have dropped them off and are having a coffee break somewhere away from screaming kids, and hoping that Dad is on top of the list of gifts and names for the thank you’s that she’ll have to write.

By 4th grade or so, Mom’s planned a movie party (PG of course).  Everyone invited gets a concession snack pack (popcorn, soda, candy).   The theater is dark, the kids are somewhat quiet.  Mom is happy, exhausted from chauffeuring the kids in the mini-van, doing a head count to make sure everyone is accounted for and regularly checking that no one is choking on popcorn.

Jump to 8th grade. A sleep over for 10.  The doorbell rings and girls swarm in with sleeping bags, pillows, squealing and hugs.  Mom hunkers down for the duration of the invasion.  Pizza is ordered, the classic potato chips and onion dip are consumed (lots by Mom to get through the next few hours). There’s a movie on the t.v. in the family that no one is watching.  Doors slam.  Wii Rock Band and the assorted band members are pounding out a song from Mom’s youth.  The teenagers look at Mom like she’s got two heads when she starts singing along because they’re playing Won’t Get Fooled Again by The Who (her favorite band when she was in 8th grade.)  It’s 2 am and after assorted empty threats, Mom gives up on getting everyone to sleep before her.  She says good night, gives them a 3am deadline for lights out, and heads to her bedroom.  Mom’s happy, exhausted (since she knows that there will be numerous menu requests for breakfast in the morning and her short order cook hat will be slipping off her head into the pancake bowl) and falls asleep reminiscing about her 8th grade birthday party.

Life really is good for a Mom.

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