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If you have a dog in your life, then this list is important to you and your canine companion.  Thanks to Real Simple magazine for compiling the info.

Things you should NOT give to your dog:

chocolate – it stimulates the heart and nervous system

grapes or raisins – damages the kidneys

garlic or onions – damages red blood cells causing anemia

xylitol (found in sugarless gum) – causes an increase in insulin which lowers blood sugar levels

alcohol – depresses the nervous system (and who wants to give a dog a hangover)

raw yeast or bread dough – the fermentation of yeast causes alcohol poisoning; also forms gas in the digestive track

macadamia nuts – causes muscle and nervous system problems

avocados – they contain persin which damages the heart muscle

So, as much as we all may love to baby our puppies, stick to dog food to keep them healthy.

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