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Having grown up in NYC, one of the sweetest memories I have is being treated to an egg cream at the soda fountain/luncheonette/corner candy store in my neighborhood.  We’d head there after mass to pick up the newspaper and get egg creams.

When I moved to California in the mid 1990s, I tried to find a soda fountain/luncheonette/corner candy store that could make an egg cream.   Since the soda fountain/luncheonette/corner candy store is, for the most part, from a bygone era, I’d ask for them at Baskin Robbins.  What I got were blank stares.  I think the word ‘egg’ in a drink was confusing.  Finally, I figured out if you described it as an ice cream soda without the ice cream they could make it for you, but they’d charge for the ice cream that didn’t get added to the soda.

I’ve just added egg creams to the drinks menu at my cookie and coffee shop on Bainbridge Island.   The sign on our front counter is generating a lot of questions about what an egg cream is.  I’m happily explaining and introducing the egg cream to the people of Bainbridge Island unfamiliar with this liquid dessert.  Everyone that has tried one has loved it with the most common feedback being how ‘refreshing’ it tastes.

Long live the egg cream.

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