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Back when I was single, the Saturday Night Date was something to look forward to. Sleep late on Saturday morning, get your errands done, maybe exercise, relax for a bit. Then a long shower and time to primp and preen so you look your best. Dinner out, maybe a movie, or dancing. Lots of fun, no clock ticking about what time you had to be home, and usually an expensive night, relatively speaking.

Then I got married and had kids. No more sleeping in on Saturdays (or any day). Errands are done all day, every day. Exercise is what you get from raising two children 16 months apart. What is relaxing again? My idea of a Saturday Night Date was the kids asleep by 8pm so my husband and I could watch a movie at home on the sofa. Comfortable p.j.’s and falling asleep half way through. Very inexpensive evening.

Around when my children started school, I discovered the Saturday Morning Date. Since everyone was up so early anyway, we’d load everyone up in the mini-van and head off to get coffee and bagels. Then we’d garage sale. I’d give the kids a budget, say $2.00 to spend, and I found that my husband and I could actually get some time to chat as we’d browse through other people’s cast off treasures. The kids always found something they liked and for the small investment, I was having the new version of a date.

Especially now in this economy, there are multiple reasons why the Saturday Morning Date works. By giving them a budget, the kids get to go ‘shopping’ and you’ve put them in charge of their choices. You might find something perfect for your home at a huge discount compared to retail shop prices. You’ve gotten out of the house for a very inexpensive family outing. You’ve got time to catch up with your spouse, wander your town and see other poeple’s gardens. Maybe you’ll run into some friends who have discovered this new economical form of dating. You don’t have to pay a babysitter. And when you get home, the kids have new toys to play with, all of which can resold when you have your garage sale.

Give it a try now that spring is here and garage sale signs are beginning to pop up. It’s the new affordable Saturday Night Date.

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Yesterday, Netflix delivered a documentary called ‘Young@ Heart‘ about a Massachusetts based chorus made up of seniors (the average age is 80).

The zest for life, the dedication to the group and continuing to look at life as an adventure to be explored, despite the infirmities brought on by age, was inspiring.

During the course of the film, several members of the group are followed by the camera in average (and not so average) tasks.  We see one member taking a shower (in bathing trunks), another member undergoing a blood transfusion, a third hospitalized after cardiac arrest.  And we see, over the course of several weeks, the group as they take on new songs, far from their comfort zone of the songs they grew up with (Sinatra and big band) and learn classics like James Brown’s “I Feel Good” and even the more modern Coldplay.

What resonated most with me, though, was that they just seem to never want to give up.  It’s all about how you look at life – half full or half empty.  These folks are, biologically speaking, well into the half empty side of life.  But the glass was brimming for them despite what they can’t control – age, illness, death.

That’s how it is for just about everyone in the world.  There is much you can’t control, but you can absolutely control how you look at things and what your outlook on life is.  As I watched Young@Heart, I reminded myself to smile.

As a very famous man (Abraham Lincoln) once said…

Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.

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Job requirements for a chocolate chip cookie.

Job requirements for a chocolate chip cookie.

Recently, www.cakespy.com was having one of their regular giveaways with the lucky winner receiving a My Kids’ Cookies gift box.  The question to be answered to enter the contest was “What, in your opinion, makes up the ideal chocolate chip cookie?”

There were quite a few opinions provided so get yourself a cookie and a glass of milk, sit back and relax while you delve into what we love in the All American Iconic Cookie – the chocolate chip!   For those of you that don’t have fresh cookies and milk handy, or the time to read the results, the key job requirements are: lots of chips, an even split between chewy/soft & crisp/crunchy, warm from the oven, butter & salt are a must, milk makes it better, nuts are a plus, Yum!, dough tastes great too, undercooked/underbaked, gooey, MMMMM!, brown sugar sweetens the deal.

The edges must be crisp, but the middle still very soft and chewy. The darker the chocolate, the better.

Lots o’ chips. Yum!

My mom used to put a little cinnamon in her homemade chocolate chip cookies. This made for an extra special bargaining chip at the lunch table in elementary school. I didn’t dare profess to knowing the secret ingredient (because cinnamon seems sort of…anticlimactic), but could get two storebought cupcakes or an icecream bar for just one of my mom’s little cookies.
I like a soft cookie best, with a padded cookie to chip ratio. Less chips, more cookie. Chips should be a surprise, not a given…

Soft cookie and not too, too many chips. And a glass of milk to go along with it.

I love a cakey cookie. One that is poofed up and chewey on the inside.

The perfect chocolate chip cookie is straight out of the oven, soft, with the chips melting! Every bite should contain a chocolate chip!

Man this makes me hungry….


I swear, these giveaways just keep getting better and better!! I love a chocolate chip cookie that’s dense and chewy, maybe just a tad crunchy on the outside edge. With melty, gooey chips in it, of course!

I prefer my chocolate chip cookies slightly underbaked. They firm up as they cool, but are still ooey-gooey when you eat them. I also think they need to have more cookie, less chips. In fact, I have even made chocolate chip-less chocolate chip cookies with just the dough and no chocolate!

Crisp edges, chewy center, dark chocolate. And make mine thick!

I really like it to be crispy one the edges and chewing in the middle. I love to taste vanilla.

warm, gooey, slightly undercooked, melty chips. done!

Oh it’s gotta be chewy and straight out of the oven. I love warm, just-baked cookies with chocolate that just melt in your mouth!
ooey gooey straight outta the oven. when you bite into it and you get melted chocolate all over your face & hands….ahhh cookie perfection 🙂


Big, chewy and just the right amount of semi-sweet chips.

The perfect amount of chocolate chips is very important! Also, I hear that if you double the amount of butter, they will be the best cookies ever. Why does fat have to be the thing that makes everything taste so good?

Warmth and a big glass of milk.
I like very few chocolate chips in mine. Buttery, a little salty, and chewy.


The ideal chocolate chip cookie must be slightly warm, for starters! It must be “melty” to be truly good. Also…nothing extra in it! No nuts or berries, or other add-ins. Just chocolate chips.

The ultimate chocolate chip cookie: soft, puffy, warm with lots of chips, no nuts, and a hint of salt. There’s nothing better!

Lots o’ chips and no nuts.

Being warm makes the cookie so much better! Chewy, thick, thin, chippy or not – if it’s straight from the oven – I’m in!

I love the really flat ones! With not too many but def not too few chocolate chips! They are moist but have a little crisp to them on the outer edges!

i love milk chocolate chips!


really good chocolate and really good butter. also, a little salt. and really as little baking as possible. I prefer the dough straight from the mixer!

really good chocolate and really good butter. also, a little salt. and really as little baking as possible. I prefer the dough straight from the mixer!

Still underbaked and warm (I’m not above putting them in the microwave to recreate that oven-fresh feeling). I like the ones that the batter was left to sit overnight, for a less flat cookie.

Chewy on the inside, crispy but not hard on the edges. Good chocolate.
And, most importantly, still warm.


Chewy and not cakey – I have to taste the real butter. Good chocolate – nice and dark, no milk chocolate and NO HERSHEYS. I personally like a little splash of rum in them as well as the vanilla, for good round flavor. Yum!

As long as there is a cold glass of milk, I’ll eat chocolate chip cookies in any form!

Lots o’ chocolate chips. Crisp edges, but soft insides. Still warm so the chips are melty. And, dipped into a cold glass of milk. Yum!

Golden buttery crisp edges, nice thick chewy slightly underbaked soft center. Hint of vanilla and cinnamon. MMMMMM!!!

Butter – not margarine!
2. Good quality chocolate chips, and lots of them.
3. Underbaked so they’re chewy and fudgey and have a nice soft centre.
4. Nuts are OK, but I prefer to have just a plain chocolate chip cookie.




i would say chewy/ crisp ratio, but i think it’s more the setting that you eat your chocolate chip cookie in!

For me, crisp on the edge but a little underbaked so it is still gewy, with nuts.

Chewy, with a good chip-to-cookie ratio. I didn’t like the NYT cookies so much because when I made it with the amount of chocolate in the recipe, the chocolate totally overpowered the cookie flavor.

I’ve found that I love the fluffy chocolate chip cookies that almost melt in your mouth. A good mix of brown sugar in the recipe I think does that with just the right amount of chips so the cooked dough does melt in your mouth. Making them the size of a dollar coin is my favorite as well and everyone seems to love them since they just pop in your mouth.

Seriously, it’s all about the right amount of oats and peanut butter. Yum!

Let the dough rest overnight before baking and you’ll come out with the most delicious cookies ever, no matter your CCCD.

Oohhh! How I love the chocolate chip cookie! They are perfect when they are made with semis-sweet chocolate chips, and are soft and chewy on the inside with a crisp little crust on the outside. Oh, and I always used SALTED butter because I think they taste better a bit on the salty side.

The perfect chocolate chip cookie has to be slightly crisp on the edges, with a soft center. They should be about three hours out of the oven so the sugar resets but the chips are still meltish.

If my tastebuds like it and I want to eat more! Then I know it’s a good cookie–and not too many chocolate chips!

For me it would need to be served hot and soft!! But my husband likes them crunchy! =o) Yum!

chewy with chocolate chips that hold their meltiness. also it can’t be too eggy.

I’ve never really codified this before, but to me, there are clearly three criteria:
1) Enough brown sugar that I can taste it.
2) Nothing exciting — orange peel? walnuts? Seriously? No. Cookie dough and chocolate chips. That is all.
3) Moistness. I’m that person who doesn’t like dry cookies. Packaged chocolate chip cookies make me cry. Soft, chewy, fresh cookies are best; if they’re a *little* firmer the next day I’ll forgive them. But no bad-tasting oily preservatives, and no chalky, dusty dry cookies either, please.
Is that SO HARD??? 😛





Brown sugar is necessary!
Also, milk chocolate chips are a travesty. Inexcusable!

The perfect combination of crunch on the outside and goo on the inside!

I think the best thing is the amount of chocolate chips in the cookie…I also like them on the soft side.

I like them cooked at just the right temperature for just the right amount of time that they are chewy with crisp edges when they cool… and lots of brown sugar!

It must be soft, but not greasy-soft like those awful Chewy Chips Ahoy. Also, just enough semi-sweet chocolate chips that there’s chocolate in each bite, but not so many that the chocolate overwhelms the cookie itself.

I like it to still be warm from the oven so the chocolate will still be liquid. Slightly crispy edges and oozy chocolate MMMMMM.

For me, 2 best parts about a chocolate chip cookie is the crunchy edges/soft chewy middle and the little hit of salty flavor mingling w/ the bittersweet chocolate…. Mmm….

Really Good Bittersweet chips…
And they are also better the second day.

Warm, chocolatey, with strawberries and milk!

A bit of saltiness, warm enough that the chocolate is all melty. mmmm

Crackly on top, but still chewy. Well rounded and slightly thick like a ball that went perfectly flat. Enough salt to just notice it. Good quality chocolate chips. Half wheat flour for that nutty whole grain taste. Good quality chocolate chips. Love.

Oh, goodness. Thinking about it made me crave a chocolate chip cookie like crazy. Straight from the oven please! Deliciously melted chips. Not too much chocolate that it consumes the cookie, though. Mmm mmm.

Caramel-butterscotch undertones, chewy middle (intentionally, not because it was undercooked), crispy edges, and the chocolate chips can’t overwhelm the cookie part. Maybe a hint of espresso powder, too.

The perfect chocolate cookie has to have a couple of things to make me happy.
One is the chips or chunks have to be semi-sweet of some sort.
You also have to be generous with the chips. I hate receiving a cookie where at the end I can count the chips on one hand.



An ideal chocolate chip cookie has craisins in it as well!

I like a slightly under cooked cookie-very moist in the middle with the edges a bit firmer and of course double the chocolate called for in the recipe. Nothing too buttery-I hate a cookie that tastes like a stick of butter.

The best CC cookie is a classic. Semi-sweet chips like molten lava, still-warm chewy cookie with just barely crunchy edges, and a huge glass of cold milk. Can’t go wrong there!

chewy and lots of milk chocolate chips! pecans are a bonus. 🙂

They have to be about 3-4inches in size and still warm and gooey when you take a bite. 🙂

I love using milk chocolate chips instead of semi-sweet. I think what makes it is the softness—-I always put a piece of bread in my cookie jar— it makes them oh so soft!

Crispy edge but soft in the center. Not too sweet. I always prefer to make it myself rather than buying from stores. Big chocolate chunks are also ideal!

Soft and with lots of chocolate chips!


The ideal chocolate cookie must NOT be too hard or too soft. It must have a tender bite; a good amount of good quality chocolate chips with each bite; and still warm from the oven!

Making the best chocolate chip cookie is easy: use lots of chocolate!!! 😉
My ideal chocolate chip cookie is neither hard nor gooey but somewhere in between. Oh and it has to have chunks instead of chips 🙂


For me my chocolate chip cookies need to be warm and gooey. Also, a lot of chocolate chips is a must!

I would agree with others who say crispy edge with gooey middle and I like pecans in mine!

Big, chewey, NO NUTS, sweet with a hint of salty buttery goodness. Just the right amount of chips… Yummy…

Just the right number of chips in a tasty dough.

nice big chewy cookie with large dark chocolate chunks. sometimes with vanilla ice cream!

no chips- CHUNKS!

Me, me…please, me!!! 🙂
I am pretty happy with all of them, unless the chips are milk chocolate. Panera makes a great one! 🙂


really super soft and chewy without too many chips. and i must admit, i like milk chocolate chips. i know, a travesty.

The cookie must be VERY soft and have a balanced amount of chocolate chips for the size of the cookie. =)

While some like a soft, chewy chocolate chip cookie, I like a crunchy one! 🙂

I like chewy chocolate chip cookies that aren’t too sweet- the perfect balance of dough and chips – without having any one of those overpowering the cookie. 🙂

definately the ratio of chips to batter. Must be LOTS of chips in every bite. Also, they have to be chewy…not crunchy!

Crispy edges, chewy middle, and lots of choc chips. Oats or peanut butter always make a choc chip cook that little bit better too..

A tad underbaked… dark chocolate chunks, not chips..and I double the vanilla to make them extra tasty!! Mmm. Thanks for another giveaway!

It has to be super moist, chewy, and LOADED with chocolate chips. No nuts of any kind either!

It has to be super moist, chewy, and LOADED with chocolate chips. No nuts of any kind either!

They have to be buttery, a bit salty, not overloaded with chips b/c the cookie itself is so yummy, and crisp. I’m anti chewy chocolate chip cookies. And no nuts.

In my professional opinion, the perfect chocolate chip cookie has to be warm from the oven and soft accompanies by the occasional nut. In addition to that what is better to drink than milk with the nice gooey warm chocolate chip cookie?

I need a fair amount of chips, and I need the perfect texture — somewhere between chewy and crisp. If I have a glass of cold, cold milk to go with that, I’m the happiest person in the world.

Super chewy in the middle, crispy on the outside, and chips galore.

Crunchy outside, chewy inside, walnuts and semi sweet chocolate chunks…
Keep the cookies – I want those notecards!!

Ooh where to start? HEAPS of choc-chips (cadbury of course!) and it’s got to be chewy in the middle, even a little underdone – and the cookies have to be warm! Yum – now I really want a cookie!
Oh and definitely – NO NUTS! 😀


Homemade and slightly undercooked so that the whole thing is almost fall apart soft. Mmmmm. ^_^

I can tell you first what does NOT make up the ideal chocolate chip cookie…TOO MUCH SALT!
I’ve been reading the salt stuff floating on the web recently concerning chocolate chip cookies and thought I would try additional salt for flavor. I went way overboard and made a disgusting cookie.
However, a lack of salt, would lead to a cookie with no flavor.
So I would have to say the right amount of salt, combined with the traditional ingredients (and I am a nut fan), makes up the ideal chocolate chip cookie.



the ideal cookie:
in appearance: smooth in texture,and fresh brown. you see no chocolate chips on the cookie but taste suprise when eating the cookie.
chewy and sweet like marshmallows and leave an extreme sweet taste on your tongue even when you finished the cookie.
and the IDEAL part of this cookie is that you do not have to drink lots of water to get rid of this overwhelming sweeetness, but you would like to take have another similar cookie!

huge and flat, with a serious chew and a microscopic toffee-like shell that crisps slightly under the teeth. Dark chocolate, of course, never any nuts, nicely browned and *slightly* salty.

Huge. Crispy edges and chewy middle. Preferably with walnuts too!

you have to have kick-ass, super high-quality chocolate. and CHUNKY!

For me, the best cc cookie is somewhat thick, soft and chewy, but with a touch of crisp on the edge (not too much!). I like to put a little bit of cinnamon & nutmeg…and go heavy on the vanilla extract and chocolate chips!

Salt and a big glass of milk right next to it!

Choclates and walnuts

The perfect cookie shuld be bigger then my hand, with a chewy center and crispy edges, warm and when you break it in half the chips should melt….MMMMM MMMMM YUMMYYY!!!!

Soft, slightly chewy, with a little crust; warm; the chocolate still melty. Yum!

For me, changing it into a snickerdoodle. I don’t like them. But, for my children, it would be using fresh butter, fresh eggs (from the hen house), and adding freshly ground whole wheat flour for a little nuttiness. The fresher your ingredients, the better the cookie. At least that is what they tell me.

It has to be cakey, chewy and have just the right amount of saltiness!

Crisp around the edges, gradually turning into a soft, buttery,chocolaty mix. The closer to the middle the softer it gets. The chips must still be a little warm. This is the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Oh…and a nice cold glass of milk on the side:)

For me, my perfect chocolate chip cookie is the Nestle Tollhouse recipe. It contains the perfect amount of chocolate and butter taste.

It has to be the ratio of chips to batter. Too many chips make it too chocolately and too much batter is borning.

OH boy, what a fantastic question! Well, like many people out there, I love a cookie that is huge and soft, almost cake-like, with a high enough cookie-to-chip ratio to keep the chocolate from overpowering the doughy delight. I also think that a touch of salt is key to balancing the flavor. But most importantly, I want my cookie to be just as amazingly delicious at room temperature as it is when it’s fresh out of the oven. Anyone can make delicious cookies hot out of the oven! It’s the cookies that stay scrumptious after they’ve cooled completely that are, in my opinion, truly special. 🙂

It has to be crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. It has to be buttery, chocolaty, and a little salty. Also, it has to be WITHOUT nuts. YUCK! OH! and there has to be a lot of them baked and ready just for me! 😀

my ideal chocolate chip cookie is one w/out chocolate chips! crazy, i know! i like them both ways but w/out has been my favorite since i was a youngin. 🙂

must be soft- with more cookie than chocolate. And a cold glass of milk is a must!

It should be chewy with no nuts. Crispy cookies are like crackers. What’s the point? Oh, and there is no substitute for butter.

A sprinkle of salt on top just after baking makes for the perfect combo of sweet and salty….Mmmm! 🙂

Hugh Chocolate chunks and a pinch of Fleur de sel

Real butter, pecans… and someone else making them! LOL YUMMY! Makes me want some now. Anyone up for some baking? LOL

The ideal chocolate chip cookie: tastes like when you were 7-years-old and gives warm comfort that nothing else like it can. Oh, and huge chocolate chunks!

I’m all about the soft, chewy cookie all around – and the best way to guarantee that is to eat them before they cool! Then you get melty chocolate too.
Lately, I’ve been adding a bit of almond extract which adds amazing flavor.


The best chocolate chip cookie is right out of the oven…warm, gooey and soft! Just barely crisp on the outside with gently melted chocolate chunks all the way through!

OH, I love chocolate chip cookies. I am so not picky! Chewy or crisp it’s the chocolate that makes the cookie.

If it is soft chewy its perfect!!



I like soft cookies with the chips that are melted even after the cookie is 2 days old…. OH… and it has to be good dunked in ice cold milk. 🙂

The day is just not complete without a good chocolate chip cookie! I prefer cookies to be “crunchewy” … crunchy on the outside and chewy in the middle. I love it when I can taste good quality ingredients, like milk chocolate (Guittard is my FAVORITE!) Above all, I must be able to break off a piece of the cookie without it falling apart. Oooh… and no burned bottoms, please. 🙂

The chips they myst be bittersweet or semi-sweet, so important to be like dark chocolate!

Homemade chocolate chip cookies are my absolute favorite cookie! The edges must be slightly crisp, but the middle still very soft and chewy with just a hint of cinnamon and the darker the chocolate, the better.

I like a nice firm but chewy chocolate chip cookie with dark chocolate chunks, like 60%. The part that makes them the best is sprinkling them with sea salt so you get that wonderful salty and sweet all in one. Mmmmm…..

Definitely need a high percentage of chocolate chips! And not too flat, with just a hint of extra salt. The best chocolate chip cookies are eaten right out of the freezer.

Chocolate chip cookies should have loads of halved walnuts in them. Chewy or crisp; either sort is good! YUM!

Soft and warm, with even distribution of chips…and no walnuts!

The ideal chocolate chip cookie should be soft, almost slightly uncooked, but actually baked just so. It should be warm when eaten and the chocolate chips should still have shape, but should be melty when you bite into it. The cookie should then leave some chocolate smudges on your lips for a final taste to reminisce.

Chocolate chip cookies seem to be personal preference, but I believe they’re always better the next day…if they last that long!!

i love a chocolate chip cookie without too many chips! i also prefer a crunchy cookie to chewy…

fresh out of the oven, warm with chewy edges…made with real butter, of course!
i’m always ok with shoving some ice cream between two of them and calling it a day, too. oh, ice cream sandwich heaven.


Lots of Chocolate chips, Toasted pecans, real butter and vanilla. Also, ideally warm from the oven, crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside. And most importantly does not taste like its been preserved and will last forever.

For me, the ideal chocolate chip cookie has lots of big, dark, swirly chocolate chips- really at least an equal part chocolate to cookie. Then the unexpected magic touch- flaky sea salt on top. Rich, sweet and salty- warm from the oven with a hot cup of green tea. YUM!

The fact that it is headed for my mouth!
I’m not picky!


mmmm melty goodness
veganness/non-gluten preferred.

thin 2. chewy inside 3. slightly crunchy outside 4.quality chocolate 5.hint of spices
or, 6. under cooked and good vanilla ice cream on top!

Soft, chewy, and not too sweet. Maybe a little salt. Now I’m hungry.

The ideal chocolate chip cookie? Well, it’s gotta be chewy (preferably a little gooey, in fact– I like ’em underdone). I also really love a good oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. Nice and chewy and soft and oatmealy.
But really, I guess– it’s gotta be very chocolate-chippy and nice and soft.


I like mine flat and buttery, chewy on the inside and crispy edges, a little salty anf packed with chocolate chips.
Yup. Perfect.


I like mine flat and buttery, chewy on the inside and crispy edges, a little salty anf packed with chocolate chips.
Yup. Perfect.


My very very ideal chocolate chip cookie would have no chocolate chips. haha. I love the cookie part so much I need more of it! My second favorite is one of those giant cookies with vanilla ice cream on it, though. Shared with my mom of course. Probably after a hard day of shopping.

Makes you think doesn’t it. To me the thing that makes up the ideal chocolate chip cookie is love/meaningfulness. (kind of mushy,I know but true)
Something made with family and friends, something from the heart.


crispy edges, chewy middle, chocolate that stays melted.

The perfect chip-to-dough ratio: the richness of the chocolate shouldn’t overpower the sugar and butter flavors of the cookie. I also love a warm, gooey center.

I would have to say a chocolate chip cookie with a balanced amount of chocolate chips, like 6-9 chips per cookie, chunky because of being more on the cakey and soft side rather than thin and crunchy 🙂 This would be my ideal chocolate chip cookie!
My favorite chocolate chip cookies are chewy and not too cakey or crispy. My dad loves them very crisp, which I can tolerate but I don’t love.
I love when I find a chunk of brown sugar in my cookie. I look at them and try to find the ones with the amber windows of goodness.
I have contemplated letting my brown sugar sit out and get nice and hard and throw in some of those chunks at the last minute.
I will have to have on in the next few days.





Chewy guts but crispy edges!

crispy edges~
chewy center~
milk ~
and dark chocolate

The ideal chocolate chip must be chewy, soft, and thick. It should have either small, dainty chocolate chips or large chunks. It shouldn’t be too sweet, either .

A little bit of oatmeal makes them nice and chewy. I love it!

I like them when they’re too thin and kind of crispy. I messed up on a recipe once and they came out like that, I loved it! But I haven’t been able to mess them up that good since!

They must be crispy and I prefer milk chocolate chips to semi-sweet ships! Hershey’s chocolate perferably!

Chewy without crisp, thick enough to have soft almost underbaked centers, and LOTS of GOOD quality chocolate!!

I like mine vegan…so I can safely eat as much as dough as I want!!!

Hmmm, the best chocolate chip cookie….good quality chocolate and a cookie part that is chewy around the edges and soft in the middle.

more chocolate than dough, crispy outside rim, chewy interior. not too brown. calorie-free. 🙂

Cookies… yay!
Ultimate chocolate chip cookies must contain milk chocolate and an added scraped vanilla bean. I’m a vanilla gal.

The chewiness of the cookie, the coolness of the chocolate which melts when bitten into and the sweet caramel taste into which all flavours are interwined. =)

I love it when chocolate chip cookies have that brown sugar-y taste. My husband, however, loves them fluffy and cake-y. Good quality chocolate chips are always important!

I believe that they HAVE to be soft. Slightly under-baked. IF they are crunchy… they taste old, dry and terrible!

Plenty of salt. Not salty, but so few chocolate chip cookies have enough salt.
I don’t really prefer soft over hard or vice versa, but I think ideally they should be crispy at the edges with a gentle centre. Yum!!


Not too sweet – let the flavors come through.

The best chocolate chip cookie is crisp on the edges and soft in the center. They have to have really good dark chocolate chips…and lots of them.I prefer large chips or perhaps chunks.

Nothing like biting into a crisp buttery chocolate chip cookie.
They need to have semi sweet chips, real butter and be baked so they are crisp but not brittle. Yum I think I may just have to go bake me some chocolate chip cookies!


Brown sugar flavor
Crispy on outside w/just a touch of gooeyness inside.
and THIN…mine alway come out too fat.


It has to be large, fat, melt-in-your mouth chewy and of course have lots of chocolate chips!!!

It must be large, warm, chewy with lots of chocolate chunks.

Extremely moist and slightly chewy with TONS of bitter/semi-sweet chocolate chunks (quality chocolate of course)!

A mix of sugars, high quality chips — not too many of them! — crisp edges and a chewy centre, definitely.

A perfect chocolate chip cookie is one that I get to dunk in a glass of milk after the kids are in bed! 😉

Lots of chocolate chips and delicious crispy edges!

Lots of butter and chocolate chips!! Yum!

the addition of oatmeal makes the cookie perfect. Not to mention, the full serving of love that is put in by a thoughtful baker 🙂

crispy on the outside, soft on the inside where every chip melts in your mouth

I had an amazing chocolate chip cookie at Leda’s in Sherman Oaks once that had coconut and oatmeal in it, some kind of nut as well, I think. It’s so good. Big soft chewy ones are also brilliant.

It needs to have a chewy, dough-ey center–but without being undercooked!

They’ve got to be soft and chewy and the chocolate chips have to be just barely melty.

Soft and chewy, and slightly underbaked. And just out of the oven! There is nothing better than fresh chocolate chip cookies 🙂 Mmmm I’m going to go make some now…

I love a CC cookie fresh out of the oven. It should be slightly crisp on the outside and warm, soft, and chewy on the inside. Pair it with a glass of ice cold milk and I am all set.

Mmmm, chocolate chip cookies have got to be the world’s greatest baked good – I’m surprised they haven’t used them to achieve world peace!
The best, IMHO, are crisp around the edges and slightly soft and chewy in the center, with a even ratio of barely melty chips to cookie.


In my opinion, underbaking chocolate chip cookies makes the ideal cookie. When they are underbaked by about 2 minutes, they stay nice and chewy! Also, there should be lots of chips.

Chunks instead of chips or along with chips, the more chocolate the better!

I love lots of dark chocolate chips and a fine buttery crisp around the edges!

It must be soft and chewy with lots of chocolate chips! Yum-O!!!!!

The texture is so key – slightly crisp on the outside with a soft chew on the inside. And good quality chocolate, that you’d want to eat on its own.

The dough is my favorite part of the chocolate chip cookie: buttery and sweet, so that crisp edges taste like toffee and the middle of the cookie melts in your mouth. The chocolate chips are important too, gives a texture and bittersweet contrast to the cookie, but the dough is what makes or breaks a chocolate chip cookie for me!

*The perfect chocolate chip cookie has to be: -big!
-crispy on the edges
-chewy on the inside
-not too many chocolate
I love chocolate but sometimes it can be overpowering!*


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The definition of gray (compliments of www.dictionary.com):


1.  Of a color between white and black; having a neutral hue.

2. dark, dismal and gloomy; gray skies

3. dull, dreary, or monotonous.

4. having gray hair; gray headed.

5. pertaining to old age; mature.

For about a year now, my son (age 13) has been trying to convince me that I should let my natural hair color show.  He insists that my inner beauty is what counts.  He’s a sweet kid, it’s a really sweet thought and I appreciate his caring.  He also believes that women shouldn’t wear makeup or primp and fuss about their appearance.  (In his opinion, his regime of getting out bed, brushing his teeth and dressing in his uniform – jeans, t-shirt, sweatshirt – is an acceptable regime for all.)

After some thought, on New Year’s Eve morning I decided that I’d give his idea a try.  While visiting my wonderful stylist/colorist Nichole at Phoenix Rising Salon (Bainbridge Island), I told her I wanted to try and gracefully blend my way into my now natural color.  Having just had a significant birthday, I’m finally admitting that simply coloring my hair won’t eliminate my grays, just cover them.  Nichole agreed to the challenge and foiled away my head.   One and a half hours later, my hair looked fabulous with a new lighter shade and off I headed to shop to Seattle.

Now if you’ve ever colored your hair, you know that the first several weeks it usually looks great.  Alas, as the weeks pass your true color starts to show and you’re ready for another visit to the salon.  It’s an expensive cycle.  Having done this quite a few times over the last several years, I know the routine.

So, here it is just 21 days later, and I’m at a hair color crossroads.  While I commend the idea of showing our true selves to the world, I struggle with the idea of showing my aging self to the world.  Also, if you’d kindly refer to the definition of gray above, you’ll see that #3 doesn’t really inspire me, nor does #5.  If we all had that beautiful silver hair that some women are gifted with as they turn gray, this blog wouldn’t be getting written.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m pretty comfortable with my appearance and on the whole think I come across pleasing.  That works for me.  But this gray hair thing feels like an accelerated roller coaster ride where you come off and your hair has turned white out of fright.  (Remember JoBeth Williams at the end of Poltergeist.  She had that streak of white/gray hair at the end of the movie and it looked great.)

For the time being, I’m going to continue trying to ride out the gray hair storm hoping that in the end, I think it’s worth it.  But it’s a challenge ladies.

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Kids birthdays are milestones in a Mom’s eye.  Turning 1, big party, everyone’s invited.  The guest of honor has no clue what’s going on.  But Mom is happy, exhausted from cleaning the house for the party and cooking up a storm, and glad to be surrounded by family and friends.

A few years later, the party is now at Chuck E. Cheese where youngsters run around and get crazy climbing and playing.  Pizza is served, candles are blown out, cake is passed to everyone.  The guest of honor definitely knows what’s going on as she happily rips open gifts.  Mom is happy, exhausted from watching all the party goers whose parents have dropped them off and are having a coffee break somewhere away from screaming kids, and hoping that Dad is on top of the list of gifts and names for the thank you’s that she’ll have to write.

By 4th grade or so, Mom’s planned a movie party (PG of course).  Everyone invited gets a concession snack pack (popcorn, soda, candy).   The theater is dark, the kids are somewhat quiet.  Mom is happy, exhausted from chauffeuring the kids in the mini-van, doing a head count to make sure everyone is accounted for and regularly checking that no one is choking on popcorn.

Jump to 8th grade. A sleep over for 10.  The doorbell rings and girls swarm in with sleeping bags, pillows, squealing and hugs.  Mom hunkers down for the duration of the invasion.  Pizza is ordered, the classic potato chips and onion dip are consumed (lots by Mom to get through the next few hours). There’s a movie on the t.v. in the family that no one is watching.  Doors slam.  Wii Rock Band and the assorted band members are pounding out a song from Mom’s youth.  The teenagers look at Mom like she’s got two heads when she starts singing along because they’re playing Won’t Get Fooled Again by The Who (her favorite band when she was in 8th grade.)  It’s 2 am and after assorted empty threats, Mom gives up on getting everyone to sleep before her.  She says good night, gives them a 3am deadline for lights out, and heads to her bedroom.  Mom’s happy, exhausted (since she knows that there will be numerous menu requests for breakfast in the morning and her short order cook hat will be slipping off her head into the pancake bowl) and falls asleep reminiscing about her 8th grade birthday party.

Life really is good for a Mom.

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Every time I see this I laugh.  How many times at least one or more of these comments have come out of my mouth in a day?  How about in your home?  For 2+ minutes of laughing, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxT5NwQUtVM

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