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If you have kids you know that buying school supplies can add up.  X # of notebooks, Y # of pencils, Z # of markers.  Add in graph paper, binders, notebook paper, scissors, rulers, crayons, calculators, the list goes on and on and on.  And, suddenly, your wallet is a bit thinner.

To help those in our community that are struggling in this crazy economy we’re in, My Kids’ Cookies is collecting school supplies for Bainbridge Island’s social services agency, Helpline House.  Anyone that brings in a donated school supply, and buys a cookie, will get a free cookie on us.

It’s our small way of sweetening the incentive to help those in need.

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I’d love to be an artist.  To be able to take a brush to canvas and create something is a gift, just not a gift I have.  I have to suffice with hosting an art show and I’m thrilled to be doing just that.

My Kids’ Cookies Shop is holding our first art show featuring the work of Shari Walker Hutchinson. And nothing pairs so well with art as red wine which we’ll be pouring compliments of Victor Alexander Winery.  Of course, you can’t have a glass of red wine unless you also indulge in a bite of a brownie or shortbread.  So, we’ll have that too.

We encourage guests to bring a few canned food items to help Bainbridge Island’s local social services agency Helpline House.

When: Thursday, July 16th, from 6:00 to 8:00 pmWhere: My Kids’ Cookies Shop
9723 Coppertop Loop, #202
Sportsman Park (across from Sakai)
Bainbridge Island

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Next Tuesday, the well known author Rebecca Wells (Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood) is entertaining her Bainbridge Island fans by doing a reading of her new novel, The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder, in our local Bainbridge Performing Arts center. My Kids’ Cookies is very excited to be providing cookies for this sure to be entertaining evening.  If you happen to be on Bainbridge Island on July 14th at 7:30 pm, come grab a cookie and a seat, sit back and here a story the way it should be heard.  By the author.

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P5170684Last Friday, a group of 10 women baked close to 300 corn muffins for the Soup Kitchen which was offered in downtown Winslow the following evening.  Within minutes, the assembly line was organized and on a roll as everyone picked a task then got to work.  With the local television station, BITV, recording our evening, we made quick work of our chore.

P5170682After a record time clean up of my commercial kitchen, the remaining volunteers got to sip champagne and enjoy some savory appetizers and sweet cookies while we told stories, got to know each other a bit better and enjoyed some new artwork hanging on my shops walls.  By opening my kitchen to this fundraiser (which was pulled together with donations from many locals and local businesses), I helped with an event that benefited hundreds in our community.  I was happy to be involved.

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The sun is shining and it looks like Bainbridge Island and the Puget Sound area are going to be enjoying a spectacularly lovely Memorial Day weekend.  I’m starting it off on a great note by hosting at my cookie shop a Corn Bread Baking Party for a dozen volunteers.  Our busy busy hands, mixing bowls and wooden spoons will be baking corn bread for 200 which will be thoroughly enjoyed tomorrow at Soup Kitchen http://bainbridgesoupkitchen.blogspot.com/.

While some may think that bringing a ‘Soup Kitchen’ to a community such as Bainbridge is odd, the community feedback has been great for the organizer of this event.  Offering a helping hand and creating a sense of community is a noble effort in any town.  Tonight we’ll fill the air with the wafting fragrance of corn bread and sounds of laughter.  And tomorrow, downtown Winslow is the place to be from 5 to 7pm for free soup, cornbread, lemonade, music and fun.

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Last week I had a gold party at my cookie shop.  About 2 dozen people showed up with their baggies of tangled gold chains, lonely earrings that didn’t have a partner, and out of style pieces.  A local jeweler, Blue Heron Jewelry, set up their tools of the trade and weighed and valued everyone’s gold and gems.  Everyone went home a bit richer and laughter permeated the air as we sipped delicious wine from Victor Alexander Winery and nibbled on cookies.  The best part of the evening, though, was that our local charitiable organization Helpline House walked away with $255 in donations of cash and gold sale proceeds.  That will buy a lot of food for their pantry and help those on Bainbridge Island that are having a hard time in this economy.  Thanks to everyone that participated and were so generous.  Paying it forward is a good thing.

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Even on Bainbridge Island, a community known for its affulence, there are lots of people struggling to feed their families. A friend has stepped up to meet this need in a creative and inclusive way. She’s hosting a Soup Kitchen event on Saturday, May 23rd. Check out her blog for details. I’m happy to be involved by hosting the cornbread baking marathon the night before at my shop. Go ahead,  borrow her idea and help your community.

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