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(unofficial) Definition:  the day after Thanksgiving.

Millions of Americans hit the pavement and roads on the day after Thanksgiving, exercising away those calories from a big turkey dinner and putting retailers in the black (i.e. making money/turn a profit).  Bargains galore are usually offered up by retailers and web-tailers to entice people to spend their hard earned dollars with them.  In this pinched economy, look for advance information on Black Friday and holiday season sales at http://bfads.net/, http://blackfriday.gottadeal.com/ and http://www.blackfriday.info/.  Even though gas prices are dropping, online shopping is still a great way to go.

Shoppers, start your engines!

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Dear Barbara,

This just in – the top 10 reasons to gift My Kids’ Cookies early this year:

10) No need to remember what size sweater your Uncle Ed wears.

9)   Last year, your brother-in-law regifted your Christmas gift back to you.

8)  Your credit card gas charges add up to more than the # of digits in the card #.

7)   Your nephew’s wish list includes a cell phone, ipod and laptop for starters.

6)   You won’t have to wait in loooooooong lines at the mall.

5)   Sending early ensures that your gift will stand out.

4)   One stop shopping now leaves time later for enjoying what the season is about.

3)   Your family, friends and clients will know you appreciate them all year long, not just at the holidays.

2)   In these tough economic times, it’s a delicious and affordable gift for everyone.

1)   Everyone loves cookies!

Order today at My Kids’ Cookies and we’ll get your cookies baked and shipped while you check off another thing on your ‘To Do’ list.  All that’s left is for your friends to sit, savor a hand baked cookie and smile.

Think of us as Santa’s early helper.

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