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My daughter turned 15 last month.  This means that in the State of Washington she can get an instruction permit, take drivers ed and, theoretically, she can be driving before she’s 16.

The local driving school happens to be right down the hall from my cookie shop.  This proximity has my daughter regularly asking when I’m going to sign her up for drivers ed.  My response continues to be the following:  when you find out the details (when it’s given, how much it will cost, how do you sign up, how do you get the instructional permit, how will you pay for it, etc.) then we’ll talk.

My thoughts on this are pretty straightforward.  If a teenager (my child) wants to be allowed to drive, which brings with it a huge amount of responsibility, then they need to be responsible enough to find out how to go about it.  If they’re not going to do the leg work, then your legs are what they’ll be using since they won’t be driving.

Other than the several hundred dollars that the class will cost, you have to factor in the increase in your auto insurance premiums.  And, don’t forget to add in the cost to regularly color your hair because getting behind the wheel with a teenager whose learning to drive will most definitely hasten the onset of gray hair.  See my thoughts on the gray hair issue in my blog of on WorkingMother.com at http://workingmother.com/web?service=direct/1/ViewBlogLandingPage/dlinkBlog&sp=S1378

But I think the main reason, if I’m honest with myself, that I’m not ready for her to drive is that it reminds me that she’s growing up.  And I’ll postpone the inevitable as long as I can.

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