Project Wishbone & Project Dog Bone = Free My Kids/Dogs Cookies

On Bainbridge Island, we’re fortunate to have two local organizations that provide wonderful help and service to human and pets –  Helpline House and PAWS of Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap.

A small way we’re able to help these organizations is to encourage generosity in others.  We can do that through baking.  From now until Thanksgiving, My Kids’ Cookies is sweetening the incentive to support these organizations.  Anyone that brings in canned food donations for people or pets will get a FREE cookie for them or their dog.  And we’ll drop all the donations off to the organizations in time for Thanksgiving dinner.

Wishing everyone a bountiful Thanksgiving!

Having grown up in NYC, one of the sweetest memories I have is being treated to an egg cream at the soda fountain/luncheonette/corner candy store in my neighborhood.  We’d head there after mass to pick up the newspaper and get egg creams.

When I moved to California in the mid 1990s, I tried to find a soda fountain/luncheonette/corner candy store that could make an egg cream.   Since the soda fountain/luncheonette/corner candy store is, for the most part, from a bygone era, I’d ask for them at Baskin Robbins.  What I got were blank stares.  I think the word ‘egg’ in a drink was confusing.  Finally, I figured out if you described it as an ice cream soda without the ice cream they could make it for you, but they’d charge for the ice cream that didn’t get added to the soda.

I’ve just added egg creams to the drinks menu at my cookie and coffee shop on Bainbridge Island.   The sign on our front counter is generating a lot of questions about what an egg cream is.  I’m happily explaining and introducing the egg cream to the people of Bainbridge Island unfamiliar with this liquid dessert.  Everyone that has tried one has loved it with the most common feedback being how ‘refreshing’ it tastes.

Long live the egg cream.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. One way My Kids’ Cookies helps towards finding the cure is through baking.

During the month of October, My Kids’ Cookies will donate 10% of all website baked goods sales to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Send someone a Red Gift Box and support the Pink Ribbon and The Cure.

Everyone benefits.

Treat yourself, families and friends to a gift of baked treats this month. Not only will they enjoy the treat, but we’ll be one step closer to finding the cure.

There’s a nice piece in a local paper about our new retail location right in downtown Winslow on Bainbridge Island.    My Kids’ Cookies Takes the Retail Plunge.

We also are smiling over the fun art work on our walls.  Nationally known local artist Sally Prangley has bedecked our walls with her whimsical mirrors and clocks.  You can visit our shop and head home with treats for your belly and your walls.

We’re thrilled to be among the 2010 Best of Bainbridge winners. Bainbridge Islanders voted My Kids’ Cookies in the Best Desserts and the Best Places to Host a Kid’s Birthday categories. Thanks to everyone that enjoys our treats and our birthday parties.

This is the fourth year I’ve taken my kids to sleep away camp.  Now full into their teen years (16/15), they seem to have reached the point where my entertaining them during the lazy summer months is over.  Give them a laptop and Wii and they’re content to spend the days zoning in front of one or the other, that is after sleeping until whenever (an early rise is around 11am). Which is why I’m glad that they go to camp – a forced fresh air and technology free zone.

So, for the fourth year, my husband and I are seeing the distant signs of what it will be like to be empty nesters.  Yes, I have 3 years until my youngest is off to college, but…

The first time they went off, hubby and I looked at each other and thought – now what?  With the world revolving around raising your kids, it’s not that often you get free time, especially an extended amount of it.

Now that we’ve settled into our annual 3 week vacation from parenting, it’s wonderfully relaxing.  Obviously, all the ‘no-things’ are great: NO laundry, NO cooking, NO stray socks/dirty dishes/wet towels/crumbs where they shouldn’t be.  We’re enjoying some ‘relationship’ time that we look forward to and enjoy.

However, the silver lining has a cloud.  We see the beginning of the end of one stage of our lives – the day to day life of parenting.  This is the part of parenting that you don’t realize will affect you until it happens.  While it’s still a few years away, we seem to be going faster down that road.  A 3 week camp stay will morph into a few months away from home for the semester.  Then it will be occasional weekends when they’ll come home for a visit.  All of which is the life of a mom on the inevitable path to having grown children. Sigh.

For today, I’ll sit back and enjoy my 3 weeks off and then embrace them with a vengeance when they come home, thankful for the years I have left before the nest truly is empty.

It took some time, but we finally launched our new website.  With the help, knowledge, advice and guidance of KTWebDesigns, we’ve created an even better shopping site.  With wonderful photos showcasing all our delicious freshly baked goodies, My Kids’ Cookies is a great site to shop for all your baked treats, and fun gifts ideas like caps, aprons and more.